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10 January 2006

(not) Just Friends

As a small (I promise!) addendum to yesterday's mammoth entry, I'd just like to drop a note in to mention the love and generosity I received from certain friends when I first got here - you know who you are! I've always highly valued all my friendships, and earlier this year, at the time (out of all of my life) that I needed them the most, they were totally there for me in every way they could be - in particular, Mr N and Dr A were and continue to be amazing, along with the sadly departed Ms S and D-Funk here in London, Ms N and K in Helsinki, and of course my ever wonderful folks, who I also count among my dear friends!

And yes, M, my ex-girlfriend...despite all that happened, in the grand scheme of things, she helped me too in a whole bunch of different ways, for which I am also truly thankful.

Couldn't have done it without you, guys!

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mother said...

Love reading this..keep happy Michael