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25 January 2006

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Stylistically, I just don't know what direction to go with the music sometimes....

I play Cuban danzones and guarachas and guagancos with Flavio at our duo spots at Oxo and I walk out thinking, "Yeah, I could do this for the rest of my days." Next day, I might be sitting in my kitchen and housemate X puts on an electronica album and I think, "Yeah, I could sit there with a laptop and sequencer and do this for the rest of my days." Then I play Stardust with Uncle Dave and I think, "Yeah, I could play old swingy stuff and stride and standards for the rest of my days." Then I want to do all of them. Then I wonder how I could ever do justice to ANY of them.

But the trick is, you pick one thing. And I have. And I'm working towards this one thing at the moment, and while it may not come entirely to fruition, the fact that I am focused on one thing is the most important thing. Already, another thing is emerging into my stylistic view as a counter to that one thing....I can handle one thing at a time. And like Uncle Dave says, if you want to branch out, if you wanna be one of these multi-guys that can do loads of things at once, it's just gonna take longer. Well, if I'm doing this for the rest of my days, then what's the problem, right?

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