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18 January 2006


By the way, sports fans, check out miminewyork.blogspot.com....Ms N sent me the link, and I've only just started reading it, but it's well good! Great writing style, and for reasons which become immediately apparent, it's gotten to what may be a next stage for blogs - a widespread, publicly acknowledged following....

This whole blog thing just keeps getting better!

While I'm at it, I also should put in a plug for www.thesituationists.com. During my three years in Melbourne I had the privilege to play with a whole bunch of world class musicians, and one band of particular note was 'The Situationists', a six piece world fusion jazz thing with all-original tunes, run by my good friend Anton. We recorded an album in March 04, due for release sometime this or next month, which includes three compositions by yours truly, and on the website you can hear one and a half of them! ('Dance of the Newcomer', and if you check out the page about the band, there's a latin thing in the background which is a grab from 'Descarga Estrella', one of my own as well). If anyone's keen for a copy, I'll be in touch with Anton and let y'all know....until next time!

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