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24 January 2006

London Calling IV - Five things I like about it

After my heavenly experience of the other morning, and considering I've slagged the joint off so much, I have decided to list five things that I actually like about this place. Ready?

1. The riverside - refer to previous entry.
2. Riding up the front of the bus. Most of the city is only three stories high at the best of times, so when you're up top and at the window, it feels like you're flying, especially after a couple of pints!
3. The long dusk in summer. In my first warm months here, a welcome respite from days of photocopying and unusual living conditions was the fact that I got home from my day job at 5.30 and still had a good four hours of sunshine left....
4. The park in summer. On the first really bright hot Saturday here, I looked out the window and saw people briskly walking down to the local park. Initially I thought the circus was in town or something, but then when I actually went down to the park, I was astounded...Aussies take their park time for granted, because the weather is never too harsh and the sun is always there, so it's all cool, but here, once there's a skerrick of sunlight, it's time to beeline (as best you can in this town) for the nearest open space....when I got there I couldn't believe it! dogs doing somersaults to catch frisbees, little kids running around....palpable excitement in the air.
5. Golden weathervanes - also near where I used to work (near the Barbican, and in Angel), some of those old grey stone buildings have these turret looking things with golden weathervanes on them, a welcome adornment against summer's dreamy pastel clouds. In a country with such crap weather, it instills in any kind of forecast a sense of optimism...

Anyone notice a common theme here!? Can't wait!!

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