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24 January 2006

Everybody's Song But My Own

Saw John Taylor Trio last night with Palle Mikkelborg - beautiful stuff. The combination of John's exquisite tone and daring harmonic experimentation was so inviting - the music is not being forced down my ears, but instead, as a listener I am choosing to listen to it, which always lifts the performance to something so much more powerful.
Compositions of the first set were similarly inviting, quite complex but never obtrusively so....and then when the boys came back on for the second, that was the gold...the tunes took the experience to another level, well appreciated by a totally packed house.
I liked the venue as well, the Vortex in Dalston, a block from the overland station. Large room, upstairs, with big windows looking out onto Kingsland Road. Anything that feels accessible in this town is a blessing.

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