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02 November 2005

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My name is Mike Guy, and I am a musician. I am a musician! It's something I say to myself most days, to other people when I meet them, it's a phrase I write in the box marked 'Occupation' on silly forms I have to fill out...it's just four words, but it's something that fills me often with pride, sometimes fear, and always questions and wonder. How did I get to be this? Where's it going to take me? What is it that keeps me coming back for more, so much more?
So, there's my profound opening paragraph, written far too seriously! After being inspired by a friend (as well as working a hell boring day job, and procrastinating from doing some non-urgent teaching homework), I've decided to give this blog thing a go. I've been a compulsive journal keeper for most of my life now, although these days I don't seem to get to handwrite in it much....typing, although it's far less personal, gets it out a bit quicker and easier.
I thought I'd give it a go because of a whole bunch of reasons. I've always loved writing but I've never done a load of it, just in my own journal to myself. I figure if I get into the habit of hammering it out, then, like writing tunes, maybe a working style that I'll be happy with will eventually appear.
A couple of other reasons too...this past year has been without a doubt THE most difficult yet, but also in a lot of ways it has been the most amazing (in the true sense of the word)...definitely the year in which I have learnt the most about, well, everything! And as a wise 'old man' once said, as long as you learn something, preferably for next time....also, after what has seemed like an interminable period of introspection, it's time to get some of it out there. And not be too serious or heavy about it, hell, maybe even laugh about some of it!
Alas, it's time to go for now, but there'll be more, don't you worry!

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