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12 November 2005

Dance of the Newcomer

Once again, back to the end of a day job afternoon and I've got about 10 minutes to hammer something out before diving back down into the tube to go teach some kiddies at their homes. At the moment my weeks are full up of a part-time job, about two or three gigs a week and about five hours of teaching, which is a bit of an organisational juggle at times, but it's all right, and I never have to start too early which is all good.
In my first six months here I felt like London was dragging me along - it felt like it would never end - but for this last little bit, it feels like I've got at least some control over what's going on, like the town has put me through enough and is now allowing me a bit of self-determination.
I've always liked being real busy, but now I've gotten to this next bit, I'm already starting to wonder where it's all going to go from here...planning my next move I guess.
Oh dear, I'm getting too serious again...I've been partying every night pretty much non-stop for the last week, and that doesn't look like changing any time soon. So it's off to teach the kiddies, back home, and then fasten your seatbelts with my mate G-Man for what should prove to be a killer diller!

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