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11 July 2009

Who's It All About?

....I couldn't believe it, how incapable I felt writing out this silly card for a friend of mine!
When I was in full swing with the blog a couple of years ago, the creative juices felt like they were flowing, I was getting a bit of wordsmithery out here and there, it was all good....but then sure enough, life took over for a bit in the form of 'Thriller Live', the show I've been working on since May 2007, and it started to fall by the wayside.
I also went through a period where I couldn't help feeling that the whole thing was a bit self-centred. Me, writing about me, attempting to lend a descriptive edge to my daily goings-on...I didn't want to add any words to existing reservations about the self-centred nature of being in show biz.
But then, I'm not forcing anyone to read this, right? You can drop by if you like, or not. I've never swayed from my firm belief in lending a creative edge to one's daily existence (perhaps to share with the net at large) being a worthy pastime, nay, sometimes crucial for one's daily sanity.
So it might be a bit clunky at first, but that's the same as when I kicked the whole thing off. And it might not take the form it used to...I might just put random stuff up if I feel like it, it's my choice, right? But eventually I'm hoping that it'll get back into the rhythm.
AND I'm looking for any help I can get in terms of assisting my literary skills...writing competitions, grammar websites, anything....if anyone out there finds any links I'm all up for it....I was about to say 'well' up for it...there, it's already improving, right? (hee hee!)...
There also might be some exciting (and hopefully intriguing) recent developments to share with you all.

Paul Auster, New York Trilogy
If On A Winter's Night A Traveller, Italo Calvino

Pat Metheney, The Way Up
Cold Chisel, Breakfast at Sweethearts

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