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14 December 2006


....screw this prosaic elegaic crap, none of us have any time for it in our busy lives anyway, so I'm just gonna give youse a chart of how I'm doing, plus or minus rating....

'So, Mike....'





...not much lately, but that seems to be more okay as I get older



...two-minute dinners just aren't doing it for me anymore so I'm branching out into real cooking, but it's tricky for one - recipe suggestions anyone?



...constant rotation between teaching, shift work and gigging - have you ever stepped back while reading an intense novel to marvel at the river of words before you? I had this experience with 'A Hundred Years of Solitude'.....anyway, I was scribbling away in my diary the other day and did the same thing....



...reasonably....the odd coffee or drink with friends is countered with days of hermitude (is that a word?)....



...non-existent, may have to do something about this....

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Anonymous said...

Anon ..it's your mum says..... NO NEWS SINCE LAST YEAR!!! What is happening in your life ?
Obviously TOO much to record. :) xx