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05 May 2006

"Gonna be a bright....sun shiny day"

I opened the front door and took two steps out and it hit me, through my clothes and all over my skin. It wasn't just light in the sky this time but warmth in the air...our first real summers day! Absolutely awestruck, I ditched my big grey coat on the bed and strolled out onto the street.
And as I turned out the little green wooden gate at the end of our yard, it just occured to me that it's been a whole year....


That's right, it was May long weekend, wasn't it....


That awkward afternoon in London Fields with all the crew, and the drive back in the vet van, knowing full well what was about to happen...

More steps

And the four long months that followed...


Wow, how about that....I almost forgot!


I almost forgot? I've always enshrined those kind of personal history dates...how could I have almost forgotten that one?
And where's the rest of it? Where are the attachments? Where's the anger, at self, at her, the frustration, the endless examination of events spiralling out of control, as they did? Where's that tired, aged feeling?



Gone. For today, at least, perhaps back another day, but never as intense, and at this moment, they are nowhere to be found.

And I realised, dear friends, as I was pacing up the street in that glorious white light and warmth of the English morning, that at age 26, off to another twelve-hour pound-earning day doing mostly music related stuff, local gigs in the book and a European tour in a couple of weeks....emailing this cute Japanese girl I met at a gig last weekend....striding up that street in my black pin-stripe shirt....I realised that, despite the tone of recent entries, that for single Mike, things aren't so bad after all.

And to top it all off, it's a beautiful day....

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Nick said...

Mike.. You walk too much.