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15 March 2006

A Day In The Life - Tuesday

Today I am celebrating Purim, the orthodox Jewish version of Halloween. Why, you may ask? Today the orthodox Jewish boys primary school, at which I teach keyboard classes, is closed, providing some respite from sixteen loud and rowdy little boys who never do their practice and talk Hebrew amongst themselves while I am trying to explain to them the beauty and wonder of a C major arpeggio.

Back at Chancery Lane, while ruffling through a folded up 'Metro' I found on a seat somewhere, I come across a highly amusing article in the entertainment section on 'Hebe Hop' - this is worth an out-loud laugh - it lists artists like 50 Shekel, Dr Dreidel, Ice Berg, and offers a lyric quote: "My nose is so large so you know I'm in charge." Hilarous!

Conga player F comes around in the afternoon and we run a couple of things for the gig this Sunday, main focus being singing some coro's together, sometimes unison, sometimes harmony. "We'll just sing quietly to ourselves," says the eternally-cool F, "just so we can get it together - maybe no-one will be listening." For now, that suits me just fine! I'm getting into this singing thing...long overdue.

Trooper that I am, I pack up the keys and put in the usual Herculean effort in lugging down to the overland station for my next rehersal with 'Yes Brazil', this new showband I've just joined. Originally it was 'No Brazil' for me, but after much tedium it looks like I'm back in. I'm doing lots of restaurant gigs at the moment, but I'm hanging to get back into more band work (and that scene, strangely enough). That being said, the main reason why I've joined this band is not for the the music but for the troop of ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS dancing girls that we do most of these corporate gigs with. Seems funny that after ten years of being a professional musician, this is the first band I've ever joined for non-musical reasons!

As requested, I get to Acton Town bang on 7pm, but thanks to cars and delayed trains and lifts and stuff, we don't start until 8.30. Somehow, most of the rest of the band all bailed today, leaving over-energetic singer (currently running the band), bass player, tired hungry disgruntled Oz keyboard player slumped in the corner, and nice older woman saxophone player, who can't read any of the charts because she's an alto player and they're all for tenor.....


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Anonymous said...

Do you think the Sirius DJ who was playing Flora Purim this morning did so with the Jewish holiday in mind? I'll bet - there are no coincidences!

- West Coast Connection