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14 February 2006

Here Comes The Sun II

There's way more sun going on here at the moment. Okay, so we had a lunchtime hailstorm, but the sky and clouds are quickly opening up and the breeze is playing along down the street, and that spring is in one's step again. The air is definitely warming up...it's that slightly uncomfortable feeling of realising you have too many clothes on, followed by the immediate excitement of what that means seasonally...
I was talking about it all to bassplayer Steve on our Valentine's Day engagement last Tuesday at Quags....same old scene, financiers and businessmen and their glammed up ladies, so about the most interesting thing going on there WAS our conversation about the weather.
"The sun is too high in the sky for this time of year," he said with furrowed brow.
"What are you talking about?"
"It's definitely five or six degrees higher than usual, ever since the tsunami....I know, I've got a south-facing garden."
So, I'm inferring from this that cataclysmic tidal movements are now somehow the cause or effect of a movement of the earth's position in the solar system? I'm hoping Steve's going to get back to me on that one!
Maybe it's this change in seasons that are making the folks down at my local Pret's even more friendly than they usually are. I can't believe those guys, and it's in every branch - for non-Londoners, Pret-A-Manger is this city-wide fast food sandwhich chain that does bloody good sandwiches (today I had Italian Matured Cheese and Avocado, with Tomatoes and Pine Nuts), and whenever you buy stuff there, all the staff always look really happy - they even talk to you sometimes. Are they just pleased to work there? Or are they all hooked up to cameras and electrodes with a guy upstairs that flicks a switch the moment a frown appears?
Or maybe they're all on special happy drugs - wouldn't be surprised, as apparently the place is owned by McDonalds, which I feel a bit bad about since I buy my lunch from there pretty much every day....I figure Maccas had to do something for the age group I'm currently part of, because whenever you watch the ads, it's all little kids and oldies, i.e, people with no teeth (another one of my mum's skeptically astute observations!)....
Yes, well, back to the seasons...I know it's going to be the pale English comparison to the Aussie skin-cooking variety, but I'm fired up for it in a way like never before...bring on the summer!


nina said...

Hei! How`s it going? I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I think your blog is great and I am really enjoying your writing!
Keep it up!
Love Nina

Nina's other friend said...

Pret is fully of happy people because nearly all the staff are continental Europeans, Spanish, French, Italian. I don't think I've ever had a Brit serve me at a Pret. Can you imagine: "whatcha wanna coffee innit??"
With reference to summer, you know you've gone local when you sunbathe at Wimbledon common in your underwear. Really, it happens.